Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Jaipur, India. Best Places For Travel

Jaipur is the another attractive tourist place of India. When you reach in Jaipur that time you will be confused that is it India??? Yeah, I am right. Because Jaipur is the one of desert in India. After reaching Jaipur, you can see that this place looks like Middle-East. Because this places are full off desert.
If you want to visit Jaipur than you can go from New-Delhi. The distance between New-Delhi to Jaipur is 268.1 kilometers. You can easily reach in Jaipur by flight, train and bus. Because there are lots of direct flight, train and bus services available from New-Delhi to Jaipur. So if you want to go by flight than it will take almost 1 hour and fare will be almost 1,000 rupees. But if you want to go by train than it will take almost 4 hour and fare will be almost 200 rupees or If you want to go Jaipur from New-Delhi by bus than it will take 5 hour 20 minutes and fare will be 340 rupees. If you want, than you can go also Jaipur from Kolkata. But at first you have to go New-Delhi. Because there is no direct flight, train and bus services are Kolkata to Jaipur.  So firstly you have to go Kolkata to New-Delhi than New-Delhi to Jaipur.

Now I will tell you that in Jaipur at which places you can visit. I describing below:
Amber Palace: 
 Amber palace is situated in Pink City. There are many big mountains are situated both of sides on high way road. This mountains are covered with full off marvel stones. You can say that, it is marvel mountains. Amber palace is created by cut of this marvel mountains. If you see that palace from far away than you will better understand the beauty of Amber Palace. There are lots of tourist people's visit Amber Palace by sit on Elephant. So you can also see the Amber palace by sit on Elephant. However, A big Lake also situated in Amber palace and 5-6 Dome likes Mosque also situated on three sides of Lake.

Jol Mohol: 
The King Protap Singh created the Jol Mohol into the Lake. In this Lake, three sides are covered my mountains. The Lake distance is 6 kilometer and it's have a blue water. One entertainment place also situated in one side of Jol Mohol for tourist's. When you will enter in Jol Mohol that time you can see the song and dance party at the Jol Mohol gate. There are lots of stair created from Jol Mohol to water.
Hawa Mohol: 
Hawa Mohol is situated into the Pink City. This Mohol is created beside of high way road. The local people say that, This Mohol has been created for cool air in summer season. Now Hawa Mohol is using as a museum.

City Palace and Chandra Mohol: 
City Palace is situated in old town of Jaipur. This palace is created in Mugol Period and its created by full marvel stones.
Chandra Mohol is 7 stored building. In this building, on the top floor a Pavilion is situated. This Pavilion is called by Mukut Mohol or Crown Palace.
Central Museum: 
Central Museum is situated beside of Niyaj Garden. In this Museum, the past king's and their family members used cloths, ornaments and many other items has been kept.

If you want than you can stay also in Jaipur. There are lots of cheap hotels are available in Jaipur. Among this hotels, Otiti in Jaipur park house skim, Ariya Nibas in Amber complex and Jaipur In at Shibmarg are famous. You can stay there.
You can visit Jaipur at November to February. Because this is a perfect time to visit Jaipur. Every year lots of tourist people are visited in Jaipur. You can also visit here with your family, friends, relatives or with your new life partners for your Honeymoon and Travel also.


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