Sunday, June 25, 2017

Kashmir, India. For Honeymoon and Adventure Travel

Kashmir is the second heaven in the world. After visiting Kashmir you would better understand that why called Kashmir is the second heaven? Kashmir is called my another name. In the world, Kashmir is called by Indian Switzerland. Srinagar is the capital city of Kashmir. You can visit Kashmir all season in whole year. But summer season is best season to visit Srinagar, Kashmir. If you want to play with ice in Kashmir than you have to visit in winter season. But in winter season, temperature will be (-0) degree. So if you want to visit in winter than you have to take all protection for your coldness. Actually summer, winter both season is perfect for visit Kashmir. Because whole Kashmir is nice for see. That's why Kashmir is called by second heaven.
You can go Kashmir from New-Delhi. The distance between Kashmir to New-Delhi is 566 kilometers. If you want than you can go by flight, train and bus. So if you choose flight than you can directly reach in Srinagar, Kashmir. Flight will take 1 hour 25 minute and fare will be 3531 rupees. There is no direct train and bus services to reach in Kashmir from New-Delhi. So if you want to go train, than you have to go first Chandigarh by Kalka Stabdi from New-Delhi than Chandigarh to Srinagar by flight. Train will take 7 hour 40 minutes and fare will be 4,100 rupees. If you want to go by bus than firstly you have to go Jammu from New-Delhi by flight than Jammu to Srinagar by bus. Bus will take 11 hour 36 minutes and fare will be 3,500 rupees. You can go also Kashmir from Kalkata. The distance between Kalkata to Kashmir is 1696 kilometers. From Kalkata, you can go by flight, train and bus. But train is the easiest way to reach Kashmir from Kalkata. But If you stay in Manali than you can go also from there. From Kullu, Manali to Kashmir distance is 555 kilometers.

Below places in Kashmir you can visit:
Srinagar-Dal Lake:  
In Srinagar, Dal Lake is most beautiful place. All around of Dal Lake, you can see the lots of green mountains and various colorful flower garden. If you visit this Dal Lake in sunset by boat than you can see the perfect beauties of this Lake.

Mugol garden:  
Mugol Garden is the second awesome place in Kashmir. Mugol Garden is not natural, its artificial. It is created by human. This Garden has been created for get tourist attraction. But after visiting this Garden you couldn't understand that Mugol Garden is artificial. 

Tulip Garden:  
Tulip Garden is the famous place of Kashmir. This Garden is situated the beside of Mugol Garden. Tulip Garden is the biggest Tulip flower Garden in Asia. In this Tulip Garden, beside see various colors of flowers you can also see the top green mountains with Ice.

You can stay in Kashmir if you want. There are many kinds of hotel and cottage are situated in Srinagar. Among this hotel and cottage, new jacquline heritages houseboats, The Lalit grand palace srinagar, hotel center point, hotel dar-es-salam, vivanta by taj dal view, Akbar group of heritage houseboats, blooming dale hotel cottage and hotel Akbar In is famous hotels. But if you want to get cheap hotels without this hotels than you can get also. In Kashmir every hotels and cottage are created by nice design. For new couple's who will go Kashmir for their honeymoon, I will suggest them that hotel Toimur is the best hotel for honeymoon living. This hotel is situated in Lal Chock. March-October is best time for visit there. Kashmir is the best honeymoon destinations for new couple's honeymoon. It is also best places for adventure travel. So you can visit Kashmir, because Kashmir is best places to go.

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