Thursday, June 29, 2017

Nijhum Dwip, Bangladesh. Best for Honeymoon and Adventure Travel

Nijhum Dwip is a great and fantastic tourist place of Bangladesh. There are many tourist places are available in Bangladesh. Among this tourist places, Nijhum Dwip is a most favorite tourist place for me. Most of the people in Bangladesh like Nijuhm Dwip very much. You can see lots of natural beauty in Nijhum Dwip. Likes, you can see lots of Mayabi Citra Deer who's run from Kewra forest to Gash forest, sweet sun light playing in desert, big green filed which field situated besides of Kewra and Gewra forest, bird's sound in forest and lots of birds flying in sky. You can see this beauty in winter season in Nijhum Dwip. You can get this Dwip in Bongo sea. 
Nijhum Dwip is situated in Hatiya, Noakhali District. In 1950, this Dwip was first seen and that time there is no people to stay there and till 1970 this Dwip was silent. That's why this Dwip has been named by Nijhum Dwip. Bangladesh forestry department first start their tree plantation project in Nijhum Dwip at 1970. They also left 8 deer into this forest. Now there are more than 22,000 deer available in Nijhum Dwip. The total land area of Nijhum Dwip is 14,050 acors. In Nijhum Dwip, you can see the 40 types of birds and in winter season, there are lots of guest birds are come here. In rainy season, you can get available Ilish fish in there and In winter season you can get Chewya fish. Ilish fish is a national fish of Bangladesh. Nijhum Dwip is called by a second largest mangrove forest in Bangladesh.

You can go Nijhum Dwip from Dhaka. In Dhaka, you can get lots of bus services at Komlapur or Jatbari which bus services are available in Dhaka to Noakhali. So you have to reach Maijdi, Sonapur from Dhaka by this bus services. The distance between Dhaka to Noakhali is 167.7 kilometers and it will take 4 hour 25 minutes by bus. After reaching Sonapur bus stand, you have to go Chairman Ghat by local bus services or C.N.G auto rickshaws. After reaching Chairman Ghat you have to go Nolcira Ghat by sea truck or boat services. Now you have to go Nolcira Ghat to Jahajmara Ghat by C.N.G auto-rickshaws. After reaching Jahajmara Ghat you can go Nijhum Dwip after passing Jahajmara Channel by boat services.

If you want than you can stay in Nijhum Dwip. You can find Nijhum Resort in Nijhum Dwip for stay. You can eat local rice, egg, chicken and fish in Nijhum dwip. But in winter season, Ilish fish and duck chicken is most special for eat there.

Nijhum Dwip is a great place for honeymoon. Every year lots of new couple's visit Nijhum Dwip for their honeymoon. So you can also visit there for your honeymoon or adventure travel. In Bangladesh, Nijhum Dwip is one of the best places for travel. So you can travel here as soon as. 

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