Monday, July 3, 2017

Best Honeymoon and Travel Places of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a great and fantastic Island at Indian Ocean. Sri Lanka is called by Lanka name and Lanka is called by Rabon's country. You can be afraid after listening that. In Hindu religion books written that, Honuman burned this country for saving king Ram wife Shita. But, Sri Lanka is not a burned country now. Sri Lanka is now a fine and attractive country for honeymoon and travel. So you can travel Sri Lanka for discover this country's beauty. If you want to visit Sri Lanka than you can visit December to March. Because December to March is actual perfect time for travel Sri Lanka. If you visit Sri Lanka in this time than it will be more better for you and you can enjoy your travel very much.
You have to go Sri Lanka by air. Every day lots of internationals flight are reach in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Among this filght, Sri Lanka airlines and Malaysian airlines is the best airlines. After reaching Colombo, Sri Lanka by flight than you can go various places in Sri Lanka by bus or train.
Below places you can visit after reaching in Sri Lanka:
Adam's Pick: 
Adam's Pick is called by another name also and this name is "Holy Footprint". Because Hindu, Buddhist, Cristian and Islamic religious people believe that the first pursuant of their religion kept his leg on this mountains. That's why this place is calling by "Holy Footprint" name.
Bamborkanda Waterfalls: 
Bamborkanda Waterfalls is a great adventure places for travel in Sri Lanka. If you want to go Bamborkanda Waterfalls than you can go from Colombo. The distance between Colombo to Bamborkanda Waterfalls is 188 kilometers. You can go there by bus or taxi and time will be take 2 hour 45 minutes. Bamborkanda Waterfalls is top-est waterfall in Sri Lanka. This mountains height is 265 miter. It is not only waterfall, it is a nice and attractive symbol of Sri Lanka.

Sea Beach: 
Sri Lanka is a Island and this country are covered by sea of all around. That's why there are many awesome Sea Beach are situated in Sri Lanka. Among this Sea Beach, Unawyatuna, Beruwala and Tangala is the best Sea Beach. So if you visit one of this Sea Beach than you will enjoy your Sri Lanka travel properly.
Scuba Driving and SnowrCalling: 
Sri Lanka has a long tradition for Scuba Driving and Snowrcalling and this world best. Maximum people of this world telling that Sri Lanka is a world best for Sea Sports. So you can enjoy this part also when you will travel in Sri Lanka.

Candy city has been more than popular for Candy Lake. In 1807, The past king Raja Sinha at Candy State created this Candy Lake. However, Candy City is also famous for another place. This Place name is Isala Perahera. This Isala Perahera is a world biggest Cultural Parred. This cultural parred has been celebrated in July and August month. So if you visit Sri Lanka at July or August than you will be a part of the world biggest cultural parred. 
Old City AnuradhaPura: 
If you want to visit Anuradhapura than you have to go there from Colombo. The distance between Colombo to Anuradhapura is 199.5 kilometers. You can go Anuradhapura from Colombo by Iyal Debi train and it will take 3 hour 25 minutes. Among this world oldest city's, Anuradhapura is the famous oldest city of them. So you can visit also world best oldest city of Sri Lanka.

There are many five star, four star and three star hotels are situated in Sri Lanka. All of this tourist places in Sri Lanka you can get many hotels and resorts. So you can stay one them which one will be prefer for you. In Sri Lanka, you can eat also Lankan's tradition food. When you will eat this food, I think that you will eat world best testy and amazing foods.
Sri Lanka is a best place for honeymoon and travel. Every year lots of traveler visit Sri Lanka for their honeymoon and adventure travel. So I can tell you that visit Sri Lanka for your life best honeymoon or travel.

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