Sunday, July 2, 2017

Honeymoon and Best Travel Places of Bhutan.

Bhutan is the best places for honeymoon and travel in this world. Bhutan is very small country in this world. But every year lots of people from this world come here for their best honeymoon and travel. The total land area of this country is 14,824 square miles. Bhutan economy strongly depended on tourism. That’s why you can understand that how Bhutan is most important for honeymoon and travel. March to May is the perfect time to visit Bhutan. So if you want to visit Bhutan than you can visit March to May, than it will be best for you. Bhutan is a most happiest country in this world. Maximum country in this world think about their GDP. But Bhutan is the one of country they won’t think about their GDP. They just think about their GNH (Gross National Happiness). That’s why when you will travel in Bhutan that time you won’t think about lock the door or lock your bag after reaching in Bhutan.  If you want to visit in Bhutan by air than you don’t need to get any visa for travel in Bhutan. Because you will get permission in Bhutan airport for travel in Bhutan. This permission will be some costly for foreigner. However, for SARC country’s people it will be free. But if they want to visit another city without Paro and Thimphu than they have to get permission from Bhutan government. But it’s easy. People can go Bhutan directly by flight.

 Below places you can visit in Bhutan:

Pachu and Thimchu:
Pachu River is flowing beside the Paro and Thimchu River is flowing beside the Thimphu. This two rivers is very beautiful rivers in Bhutan. You can get lots of happiness when you visit this two rivers by boat. After reaching Punakha, you can see the rivers two mouth. Which two mouth call by Mochu and Fochu name.

Waterfall of Punakha and Duchla:
You can go Punakha from Timphu. The Thimphu to Punakha distance is 85.7 kilometers. You can go by bus or taxi and it will be take 2 hour 50 minutes. After reaching Punakha you can get cool waterfall. But when you will go Punakha that time you can get Duchla place into this Thimphu to Punakha road. This Duchla place is situated on 10,000 foot up. In Duchla, cloud will covered your whole body and you can touch cloud by your hand. I am sure that you will get your one of best feelings in your life that time.

Bhutan Park:
You can travel also Bhutan Royal Park and National Garden. If you want than you can visit there with children. If you visit there with children than I am sure that you must running with children, because that time you will think about that you are children also.
In Bhutan, there is low population, low vehicles and low sound. So your honeymoon travel will be quietly in Bhutan and I think you most like quiet travel.  In night, you can feel the beauty of Bhutan without any sound. That time you will just hear Thimchu rivers water sound.

In Bhutan, you will get some of good hotels. In Paro and Punakha, you will get very few good hotels. But in Thimphu, there are not lots of hotels. So you have to stay in this few hotels and I think you won’t get any problem for staying this hotels. Painoud hotel and Rijarviue hotel is the best hotel in Bhutan. In maximum hotels in Bhutan, you will get latest facility.  So friends, visit Bhutan as soon as possible. I think Bhutan is most attractive country for honeymoon and travel. So if you are planning to get marry early and thinking about honeymoon at lowest cost than I can suggest you that visit Bhutan. Because you will get lowest cost honeymoon travel in Bhutan.

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